The Smithy

This view of the Smithy (on the right) is from Mill Lane (before the road was straightened at this junction in 1967).    Directly ahead is Pump Lane (now Old Pump Lane).    Greasby Road runs to the left and (behind the smithy) to the right.    The house on the left (with the advertisment) is the beginning of Stone Cottages terrace (also called Teapot Row).  The terrace was demolished in 1960.

This is the 2005 view taken from a similar position to the photo above.

The smithy stood at the corner of Mill Lane and Greasby Road until 1966.  Greasby Road had been widened in 1960, but it was not until the improvement of the junction with Mill Lane that the building had to be demolished.  The grassed area at the present junction is part of the site of the smithy.   In the latter years of its existence, the smithy manufactured items such as ornamental gates.  A directory of 1902 shows two smiths in Greasby, William Hockenhull and William Disbury.

The smithy shortly before its demolition.  Mill Lane is on the near side of the building.

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One record suggests that in 1895 the smithy in the photo below stood on the present site of Greenwood Terrace on Mill Lane. 
If anyone has information on this, please contact me.

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