Rowe's General Store

Centre of village c1925

From left - Rowe's general store (the white building with a porch-type shopfront),

Cross Gardens, The Stores, Greenwood Terrace, Coach & Horses, Saddler & Cobbler shop
 The photo shows only part of Rowe's building - it then had three upstairs
windows. Only the middle and righthand upstairs windows are visible in the photo.

Here's a similar view in 2004 - Rowe's building is still painted white. The porch-like structure at the front has been removed.  Now only the lefthand and middle upstairs windows exist.  The righthand end of the building (including the upstairs righthand window) was demolished to make way for the row of shops.

  The remaining two-thirds of Rowe's general store, now a private house.
Some of the original fittings (ceiling hooks, etc.) are still in place in the cellar

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