Air Raid Shelter at Pump Lane 


There were several air raid shelters in Greasby during the Second World War.  The information on this page refers to the shelter located at Pump Lane (now Old Pump Lane) but there were others – such as at Wood Lane and at Hall Drive school. 

The Pump Lane shelter was constructed on the site of the demolished Boxwood Farm (link).

The photo, taken around 1950, shows the Pump Lane shelter viewed from the yard behind Dodd’s shop at the end of Stone Cottages (known locally as Teapot Row).

The sketch shows the passage, doors and chambers of the shelter.

The map c1965 shows the location and footprint of the building.  By this time Stone Cottages have been demolished.  The shelter faced what, today, is the entrance to the car park of the Greave Dunning pub. 

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