The Manor

  The Manor, Greasby. 
Photo circa 1900.

The Manor houseplate is dated 1680 and carries the initials IMW, representing Joseph and Mary Warton.  The building served for some years as a branch of the District Bank.  It is now a restaurant.

Houseplates of the period do not show the letter 'J'.  It is always shown as an 'I'.
  The fate of Mrs Mary Warton is unknown.  Joseph obtained a licence to marry again in 1682.  His fiancee was Ellen Bethell.
  The outbuildings of the Manor carry a houseplate which shows 1695 and the initials IEW representing Joseph and Ellen Warton.
  The Manor outbuildings. 
Photo date not known.
  The outbuildings in 1974.  They are now used as a function suite to the Manor restaurant.

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