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A note on the Wirral boundary -

Throughout this website the term "Wirral" refers to the place known by this name for over a thousand years.  It has a land area of approximately 100 square miles (260 sq. km.).  It is the whole of the peninsula between the river Mersey and the river Dee. 

The name "Wirral" was hijacked in 1974 by bureaucrats and politicians, and now refers to a 60 square mile (155 sq. km.) political area under the administration of Wirral Metropolitan Borough Council. 

A demonstration of this nonsense is that there is a "Welcome to Wirral" roadsign at the junction of Chester High Road and Boathouse Lane (SJ285805).  At this location the traveller is already more than 6 miles (10 km.) inside the true Wirral i.e. the peninsula.

Rationally the new administrative area should have been called North Wirral. 

Historians, naturalists and other record-keepers continue to refer to Wirral in accordance with its traditional, geographical boundary.

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