Greasby Old Hall

Greasby Old Hall is an original building completely encased within a later outer structure.  The inner, timber framed, building is thought to have been built in the 15th century.  The outer building is predominately brick and has several extensions.  There is a cellar, the lower part of which has been cut from solid sandstone.  In one corner of the cellar the sandstone has a thin crack and water trickles from this.  At some time in the Old Hall's history a small area of the floor near the water inlet has been cut away to form a storage 'reservoir'.  The source of the water is unknown but it is logical that it is one of the small, uncharted, underground streams which run downhill from Irby heath, roughly parallel with Mill Lane.  Another of these streams feeds the pump and pond at the junction of Pump Lane and Frankby Road.

  Greasby Old Hall  - this photo, circa1928, was taken from Pump Lane (now Old Pump Lane)
   The Old Hall circa 1900.
   The Old Hall in 2004.

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