Greasby Hall

Greasby Hall stands close to the centre of the village but is hidden by trees.              
  Liverpool Mercury 14th January 1831 refers to Greasby Hall Farm house being 'nearly new'.
  Bryant's map of 1831 shows both the Old Hall and the Hall.
The Steele family bought Greasby Hall in 1956 or 1957.  It had been unoccupied for some years and was in a poor condition. 
Dr Barnes rented a room from which he ran the village surgery.  Mrs Steele was his receptionist.  Dr Theo Stok joined the practice. 
A new building was constructed in the grounds and this became the new surgery.  Dr Avril Clarke joined the practice.  The surgery building is now the chiropodist's premises. 
Dr Clarke bought part of the garden, an area now occupied by Manor Court apartments.

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